Many thanks for taking the time to browse our site and I am pretty much aware as to why you are here on the about us page. I’m planning to provide you a little bit of info about myself and the reason why I made the choice to put this website together.

This website was developed due to my passion for the topics that are really dear to me. If you will try to ask anyone who knows me, they will agree with this.

One of the subjects that is dear to me is anything to do with ‘techy’ things, and computers specifically.

My connection with computers began way back in the days of the Commodore 64. This will definitely tell you what my age is and this will also let you know that there are some things that aren’t pretty common to you, specifically for young visitors.

It was on that trusty Commodore the world of coding and programming was opened up to me. Did you know that an old audio cassette recorder was previously a storage device? It’s astounding, but I used them back then.

From those times onwards, I have been a passionate self-taught coder, continually learning new languages and methods. PHP, CSS, HTML, JavaScript and more have already been perfected to the best of my ability.

I have been actually a Windows man for countless years because I always want to tweak and tinker whatever I am able to reach. As for Apple, they have always kept things too close to the chest so it was quite hard. I always enjoy helping folks in learning coding and programming. In the modern world, the computer has grown to be a necessity and not only a type of thing that is restricted to geeks to play with.

My parents, both in their 70’s, are wonderful illustrations of how we all now embrace this new technology. You can look for questions, edit your video and photos, send emails and use social media. This is the explanation why many folks have adapted to computer technology.

However, I’ve got a son who is 10 years old and he’s been very comfy with using computer technology during the last 3 to 4 years. For him it’s natural to use his phone, tablet or notebook to help with his homework, play games or watch videos that I still fail to understand.

Fundamentally, this will tell you that I am fascinated with computer technology and everything associated with it. This is developed to help me share my passion. If I can help other people share in the satisfaction and enjoyment that the world of computers has offered me, then I can securely say that my time on this blog is wisely spent.

In case there are other things that you have to know or you need me to clarify anything about computers, you should inform me right away. You could always send an email to me or you may leave a comment to one of my posts because I always read them.